A Contemplating Girl The Art Of Communication Is The Rarest Of All Forms Of Arts That Exist, To Be Able To Listen In Between The Noise, To Be Able To Speak From Within The Turmoil Of Your Heart Mind, To Be Able To Vibe Fearlessly From Across The Heaps Of Deception Youre So Used To Potraying, And To Finally Feel Remarkably Different Before After When It Takes Place, And To Realise Its Occurrence

Mawra Hocane added new new picture on social media "a contemplating girl the art of communication is the rarest of all forms of arts that exist, to be able to listen in between the noise, to be able to speak from within the turmoil of your heart mind, to be able to vibe fearlessly from across the heaps of deception youre so used to potraying, and to finally feel remarkably different before after when it takes place, and to realise its occurrence"

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