Since I Dont Have New Pictures Ill Post Old Pictures That I Took After Filming Some Fail Vidoes. Its So Hard To Get The Right Light When Youre Dependant On Natural Lighting Only Then Some Fake Accounts Have The Audacity To Comment Under Your Videos Saying Your Subscribers Arent Hard Earned. Like Youve Got The Right To Decide Who Works Hard And Who Doesnt, Jamila. On A Lighter Note, If You Like The Glow On My Face Then You All Need To Get Your Hands 24k Rose Gold Serum And While Youre At It You Can Buy The Serum And Primer Deal For 3k And Win A Free Beauty Blender Worth 650- Only If You Use My Code Which Is Hb43 Ps Ill Be Doing A Giveaway Real Soon So You Better Start Availing My Code Now Hehe

Hira Attique added new new picture on social media "since i dont have new pictures ill post old pictures that i took after filming some fail vidoes. its so hard to get the right light when youre dependant on natural lighting only then some fake accounts have the audacity to comment under your videos saying your subscribers arent hard earned. like youve got the right to decide who works hard and who doesnt, jamila. on a lighter note, if you like the glow on my face then you all need to get your hands 24k rose gold serum and while youre at it you can buy the serum and primer deal for 3k and win a free beauty blender worth 650- only if you use my code which is hb43 ps ill be doing a giveaway real soon so you better start availing my code now hehe"

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